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Everything About Glowstone: How to Get, Craft, and Use It

Glowstone How to Get, Use, and What Is it Good For

Glowstone How to Get, Use, and What Is it Good For

In the vast and challenging world of Minecraft, adventurers and builders alike seek out a unique light source known as Glowstone.

This block emits a radiant glow, making it a highly desired resource for those navigating the dark and dangerous landscapes of the Nether.

In this post, we will explore the practical aspects of Glowstone, its different forms, how to obtain it, and the wide range of uses it offers players seeking to conquer the Nether’s perils.

What is Glowstone in Minecraft

Glowstone is a special light-emitting block native to the Nether. The interesting about it, though, is that even though it is native to the Nether, every renewable way of getting it (such as trading and mob drops) happens in the overworld.

Hanging from the ceilings and scattered under overhangs, these clusters of blocks emit light, making them valuable beacons for players exploring this treacherous dimension.

The Glowstone block shatters into a luminescent powder known as Glowstone dust when mined.

Glowstone veins in the Nether ceiling

Forms of Glowstone: Block vs. Dust

Glowstone exists in two primary forms: the solid Glowstone block and the Glowstone dust obtained from breaking the block.

Each form has distinct properties and uses, making them essential resources for players in Minecraft.

Glowstone Block

The Glowstone block is a potent light source, emitting a brightness level of 15, among the highest in the game.

This characteristic makes it an ideal material for illuminating dark areas and enhancing architectural projects.

Glowstone blocks are essential for crafting redstone lamps and respawn anchors, making them valuable resources in crafting.

Glowstone Dust

Glowstone dust results from breaking a Glowstone block without using a tool enchanted with Silk Touch. When mined with a regular pickaxe or by hand, the block yields Glowstone dust.

The amount obtained can vary, typically ranging from two to four. Players with the Fortune enchantment on their tools can increase the yield of Glowstone dust, making this enchantment advantageous for obtaining more resources.

How to Get Glowstone

Acquiring Glowstone requires venturing into the Nether, where it naturally occurs on the undersides of ceilings and overhangs.

Mining Glowstone blocks without Silk Touch will yield Glowstone dust (2-4 per block, with Looting enchantments raising the chances of getting 4 Glowstone Dust per block, but never exceeding 4). However, using a tool with Silk Touch allows players to obtain the whole block intact.

Aside from mining, players can obtain Glowstone through various alternative methods:

Loot Chests

Glowstone can occasionally be found in loot chests in Hoglin Stable type Bastion Remnants, rewarding explorers with this valuable resource.


Journeyman Cleric villagers will sell 1 Glowstone block in exchange for 4 emeralds. Cured villagers provide a better deal that goes down to 1 emerald for a Glowstone block.

However, this trading option is exclusive to Java Edition. In Bedrock Edition, clerics provide Glowstone dust instead.

Trading UI of a Cured Cleric villager

Mob Drops

Witches are the only mobs that drop Glowstone Dust, providing another means of acquiring this resource. Creating a witch farm can ensure a steady supply of Glowstone Dust.

Uses of Glowstone

Glowstone serves various essential functions in Minecraft, making it a versatile resource with numerous applications for players:


Glowstone dust plays a vital role in potion brewing. It is used to craft thick potions and increase the potency of certain potions, providing an advantage during battles and adventures.

Extending the effect time of a potion using Glowstone

Light Source

Since Glowstone is a luminous block with a light level of 15, it serves as a preferred light source for players that want to illuminate their bases, pathways, and structures.

Glowstone next to other light sources

Crafting Ingredient

Glowstone is an essential component in crafting redstone lamps and respawns anchors, contributing to the creation of advanced mechanisms and secure respawn points.

Note Block

When placed under a note block, Glowstone can create unique sound effects and music (the plink sound), adding a touch of creativity to players’ Minecraft world.

Glowstone Portal (Running Joke)

As a playful notion, some Minecraft content creators have humorously discussed the concept of a “Glowstone Portal,” aka the “Aether Portal.”

While not an actual feature in the game, the idea revolves around players constructing a portal to a new dimension using Glowstone blocks.

The creativity and amusement surrounding this imaginary portal have sparked fun discussions and speculations among the Minecraft community.

The History of Glowstone in Minecraft

Glowstone was introduced to Minecraft on 30 October 2010 during the Halloween Update, alongside other iconic features like Jack o’Lanterns, clocks, and fishing.

Its addition brought a new dimension of light to the game, providing players with a luminous block that revolutionized how they light their worlds.

Inspired by the concept of phosphorus, a real-world chemical element that glows faintly when exposed to oxygen, Glowstone’s luminosity added an enchanting touch to the Nether’s otherwise dark and foreboding environment.

This unique property also became prominent in potion brewing, where players harnessed its Glowstone dust to concoct powerful and advantageous potions.

Over the years, Glowstone’s popularity and utility have only grown, and players continually find inventive ways to use it in their creations.

From elaborate lighting setups in massive builds to compact redstone contraptions, Glowstone remains a staple resource for builders and engineers seeking to add practicality and aesthetic appeal to their Minecraft world.

Interesting Facts About Glowstone:


Glowstone’s allure in Minecraft lies in its captivating luminosity and its numerous practical applications.

As a valuable light source, crafting ingredient, and key to potion brewing, Glowstone has become an essential resource for brave adventurers traversing the enigmatic realm of the Nether.

Whether used to brighten dark corners or craft powerful potions, Glowstone remains a sought-after and versatile asset in Minecraft.

What are your favorite uses of Glowstone? Let us know in the comments below! Stay tuned for more informative Minecraft content and happy crafting!

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