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How to Find, Raid, and Loot Bastion Remnants in Minecraft

How to Find, Raid, and Loot Bastion Remnants in Minecraft

How to Find, Raid, and Loot Bastion Remnants in Minecraft

Bastion Remnants are among the structures with the best loot in Minecraft. Overflown with pigling, piglin brutes, and hoglins, it is not the most welcoming environment you’ll find yourself in. Thankfully, there are some tricks to help you raid it with much less resistance.

The bastion remnants were added in version 1.16 and back then they were very easy to loot if you wore any piece of gold armor. In version 1.16.2, the piglin brutes were added and made raiding a Minecraft bastion a lot more challenging.

Since version 1.16.2, the Bastions remained unchanged, until Minecraft 1.20. In this version, there were some minor tweaks in the loot, adding snout armor trims and netherite upgrades to the chests.

What are Bastion Remnants in Minecraft

The bastion remnants are naturally generated structures found in the nether. They are occupied by piglins, piglin brutes, and in some cases, hoglins and magma cubes.

As the home of the piglins, bastion remnants are packed with gold blocks hidden inside the walls or stacked in several locations.

Speedrunners use bastion remnants to get high amounts of gold fast and trade it to the piglins in exchange for ender pearls, obsidian, and fire resistant potions.

Types of Bastion Remnants in Minecraft

There are four different types of bastion remnants in Minecraft.


The bridge bastion looks like a piglin head, and the mouth is the entrance. Inside, there are a couple of floors and pathways with loot chests and gold blocks.

A bridge bastion remnant in Minecraft (image edited for clarity)

Hoglin Stables

The hoglin stables bastion is made up of two parts: the main building and the stables part (that may be separated into two areas). The loot chest are located inside the stables parts.

A hoglin stables bastion remnant in Minecraft (image edited for clarity)

Housing Units

Housing units is my personal least favirote bastion. I find it to be one of the easiest structures to get lost in in the entire game.

On another note, this is the only place in the world where you can get nether warts outside a nether fortress. Not that you have anything to do with them without getting blaze rods from the fortress, so…

A housing units bastion remnant in Minecraft (image edited for clarity)

Treasure Room

While the previous three types of bastions has more or less the same loot, the treasure room bastion’s loot is a lot better. It is also the easiest bastion to route.

A treasure room bastion (image edited for clarity)

How to Find Bastion Remnants

Bastion remnants spawn in any nether biome except for the basalt delta. They are pretty common, so it shouldn’t take too long to find one just by walking around.

That being said, there is a way to find their exact location by using ChunkBase’s tool and entering your seed.

Loot Inside a Bastion Remnant

As stated earlier, remnant bastions have some of the best loot in the game. The chests are all over the place, as well as many gold blocks.

The loot changes a bit between the different types of bastions, but you are expected to find obsidian, gold, ancient debris, netherite ingots, netherite scraps, enchanted diamond and gold weapons, tools, and armor, a lodestone, netherite upgrade, and snouts armor trims.

The combined loot from a single housing unit remnant bastion

The treasure room bastion’s loot is better than the rest, including ….

How to Raid a Bastion Remnant

Raiding a bastion is one of the things you got to do in Minecraft at some point.

Among the mobs you’ll find in bastions are piglins, piglin brutes and hoglins. In the lower part of a treasure room bastion, there’s a magma cube spawner.

The piglins, hoglins, and piglin brutes spawn with the bastion, so they don’t respawn after you kill them. However, depending on the biome the bastion is in, there could be piglins regularly spawning in the same way they would spawn outside the bastion.

Another thing to bear in mind is that when spawning in the bastions, piglins and hoglins don’t fight, so you can’t count on that to help you.

Kill the Piglin Brutes

By wearing a single piece of golden armor, you’ll avoid provoking the piglins. This allows you to start by wiping out the piglin brutes, one of the strongest mobs in the game, without the piglins joining the fight.

A nice trick to kill the brutes with minimal risk is to use boats to trap them. Either surround yourself with boats or place them down the path between you and the brutes so they are forced into them. When they’re in the boats, just hit them and they won’t be able to hit you back. Just don’t break the boat.

Minecraft Steve surrounded by four piglin brutes trapped in boats

Kill the Piglins

Once you’re done with the piglin brutes, it’s time to take the piglins out. To do that, you can prepare a 2-3 blocks deep hole, then open a chest in an area with many piglins. This will make them aggressive toward you. Once they start chasing you, start throwing gold ingots to the hole you made to distract them. They’ll start trading the ingots for other items, and when they’re all in the hole, start killing them. Do it in a couple more areas, and you’re done.

A group of piglins trapped in a hole in the floor of a bastion

Kill the Hoglins

The hoglins are easy to beat using a lava bucket, by towering up three blocks high and hitting them, or just by shooting them from far with a bow or a crossbow.

Magma Cubes

Magma cubes will spawn when you’re near the spawner at the bottom of a treasure room bastion, but they’re very easy to beat.

If you’re planning on having a frog light farm, don’t destroy the spawner.

Tips For Looting Bastion Remnants

Now, after you clear all the mobs, it’s time to start looting the bastion. It’s pretty similar to looting a woodland mansion, in a way, so if you’ve done that before, you are already one step ahead.

  1. Stay organized – have an organized route around the bastion, start from the top or the bottom, but keep moving in the same pattern.
  2. When in doubt, mine it out – Sometimes, the terrain outside the bastion will create “secret rooms”, so don’t be afraid to cut a hole in a wall or two to make sure you’re not missing anything.
  3. Be careful – Even though you killed all the hostile mobs, piglins, hoglins, and zombifies piglins can still spawn in some biomes.
  4. Enable subtitles – this is great advice for most projects in Minecraft (even strip mining). Enable subtitles to detect nearby mobs and lava.

Finishing Thoughts

Today we learned how to find raid a bastion remnant in Minecraft. We also learned about the different types of bastions, and what differenciate them.

I hope you feel prepared to take on your first bastion, see you next time!

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