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Nether Quartz: How to Get, Use, and What Is it Good For?

Nether Quartz How to Get, Use, and What Is it Good For

Nether Quartz How to Get, Use, and What Is it Good For

Minecraft is a world full of fascinating resources and materials, but almost none match the utility and versatility of Nether Quartz.

Not only does it provide an incredible aesthetic experience as one of Minecraft’s whitest blocks, but it also serves as one of the most useful building blocks available for crafting structures, Redstone contraptions, and a beautiful armor trim color.

In this guide to all things Nether Quartz, we’ll take you through each aspect that makes this precious resource so invaluable in Minecraft.

What Is Nether Quartz?

Nether quartz is a vibrant white mineral found primarily within the fiery depths of the Nether biomes in the form of ore blobs.

It’s easy to identify due to its distinctive bright coloration when compared to its darker surrounding environment.

Nether Quartz veins in the nether

The ore itself is fairly abundant across all Nether biomes, making them easily accessible for players making their way through these unforgiving lands.

But beyond just providing a visually appealing element that adds character and life to many builds, what else does Nether quartz have stored away underneath its surface?

Different Forms Of Nether Quartz

Nether quartz comes in a few different forms, each of which possesses its own unique set of applications.

The primary form is obtained from mining the ore block itself throughout various biomes within the Nether, giving players access to an abundant supply for whatever needs they might have.

Four pieces can be crafted together into one single Nether Quartz Block, providing builders with a solid foundation that serves as both aesthetically pleasing and highly practical building blocks to create structures or Redstone contraptions.

4 Nether Quartzes in a Crafting Grid

How To Obtain Nether Quartz?


Mining is one of the best ways to obtain more Nether quartz, primarily due to its consistent availability across all levels in the nether (between Y:10-117).

Ore clusters are typically grouped 2-3 blocks apart at any given level in most biomes, making it relatively easy for anyone looking mine up without too much trouble!

Not only does this provide players with a reliable source of fresh supplies whenever needed, but it also serves as an invaluable source of XP early game, if you’re itching to get ahead fast.

Mined Nether Quartz with XP orbs

Bartering With Piglins

Another method of obtaining additional resources like Nether quartz includes engaging piglins through bartering trades using gold ingots as currency.

Once you’ve got the ingot in your hand, drop it on the ground near them to entice their attention, which will result in them examining it for 6-8 seconds before offering up items like Nether quartz as part of a trade.

A Piglin holding a gold ingot

This process is slightly unpredictable, however, so be sure to stock up on ample amounts of gold in case they don’t offer exactly what you were hoping for (which includes other valuables such as Potions of Fire Resistance or even an 8.71% chance to get a Crying Obsidian!).

Loot In Bastion Remnants

Exploring through bastion remnants is another great way of finding more Nether quartz since chests scattered throughout hold valuable loot that often includes additional resources like this one, among other goodies such as rare enchantments or gear pieces!

2 Smooth Quartz blocks are found in every bridge bastion remnant.

What Is Nether Quartz Used For?


As mentioned earlier, combining four individual pieces together into one large block provides players the option to craft various decorative block structures, including diorite granite blocks with prized, beautiful aesthetic appeal.

Variations of the Nether Quartz block include: The usual stairs and slabs, Chieseled Quartz Block, Quartz Pillar, and Quartz Bricks. Cooking a Block of Quartz in a furnase creates a Smooth Quartz Block, which also has a stairs and slab variations.

all variations of the Nether Quartz block and Diorite and Granite that also are also made of Nether Quartz

Redstone Applications

Nether Quartz also serves as an incredibly important component when crafting various Redstone comparators.

This includes the daylight sensors, which can gauge the intensity of sunlight and output a signal accordingly, the observer (which detects block fluid changes and initiates signals), and finally, the comparator, allowing players to measure and compare strength in complex systems without too much effort.

Trading With Villagers

Not only is Nether Quartz an invaluable asset for building Redstone structures, but its value extends far beyond and holds immense trading potential well!

An expert Mason villager has a 3% chance to buy 12 Nether Quartz for one emerald. Cured villagers offer this trade at better rates (less Nether Quartz per emerald)

Note Blocks

When put below a note block, all of the Block of Quartz variations, and the Smooth Quartz Block make the bassdrum sound.


With Quartz Ore being so common, mining it is a reliable method of aquiring XP, especially in the earlier stages of the game.

Fun Facts About Nether Quartz

Red stone compartments crafted with Nether Quartz


Nether Quartz is a phenomenal asset in almost any build project, as its simplistic aesthetic and functional power allow players to create astonishing landscapes that will awe anyone who sets their eyes upon them.

This mineral has stood the test of time through its sheer utility and versatility, pulling out all the stops when crafting structures or Redstone contraptions, enchanting gear, trading for precious gems, or brewing potions!

If you ever journey into the Nether seeking adventure, be sure to remember this powerful resource that could make or break your next big project!

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