How to Enable Cheats in Minecraft

Cheats usually have a bad reputation in video games, but in Minecraft, at least on a single player world, cheats are required to change between game modes and use commands. Today I’ll show you how to enable cheats in Minecraft, whether in a new world or an existing one.

Why Should You Enable Cheats in Minecraft

As I said earlier, enabling cheats in Minecraft allows you to change game modes and use commands.

Change Game Modes

Different game modes have different advantages. Builders, for example, often use Creative mode so they can access all the blocks and not worry about hostile mobs. Spectator mode is great for observing the world in a passive way.

Use Commands

Minecraft commands can completely transform your experience in Minecraft. Whether you want to locate a certain biome or point of interest, set the time of day, or even enable keep inventory in case you die – there’s a command for that!

How to Enable Cheats in Minecraft

Enabling cheats in Minecraft is different in a new world compared to an existing one, and there are also differences between Java and Bedrock.

Enable Cheats In a New Minecraft World

If you plan on playing and switching between game modes, or commands, you might as well apart playing with cheats enabled. Even if you don’t plan on using commands, there’s no harm in enabling cheats, just in case.

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Step 1: Start a New Single Player World

The beginning is simple, start a new world as usual.

How to enable cheats in minecraft new world. Step 1 click on single player on the main menu
How to enable cheats in minecraft new world. Step 2 on the bottom window, click on create a new world

Step 2: Click on Allow Cheats

Make sure you click it only once so the text says ‘Allow Cheats: ON’. Then, click on ‘Create New World’, and you’re done!

Enable cheats on minecraft new world Step 3 click on allow cheats and create the world

Enable Cheats In an Existing Minecraft World

If you have already started your world without cheats but want to add that option, you can still do it. Just follow the next steps.

Step 1: Log Into Your World and Go to the Main Menu

When in your survival world, press Esc to get to the main menu. Then, click on ‘Open to LAN’.

How to enable cheats in minecraft existing world. Step 1 Open the main menu and click on open to LAN

Step 2: Allow Cheats

Click the button to allow cheats until it says: Allow Cheats: ON, and then, click on Start LAN World at the bottom. You’re Done.

How to enable cheats in minecraft existing world. Step 2 click the button to allow cheats, and then Start LAN World

Finishing Thoughts

I hope you found enabling cheats in Minecraft to be easier than you initially thought. If you have questions, post them in the comments below, and I’ll do my best to help you.

See you next time!

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