Minecraft Shulker Box Explained: Crafting, Usage, and More

Do you ever struggle with storing your precious loot in Minecraft? Have you encountered times when your pockets were full and left no room for other resources?

If yes, it’s time to unlock a magical storage solution – introducing the mysterious Shulker box. 

Shulker Box: A Mobile Chest

Picture this: A compact block that lets you store items safely and preserves them exactly how they appear on breaking – like having your inventory expanded!

Unlike chests, these clever storage blocks don’t spill their contents upon destruction. Instead, they transform into portable containers carrying all their content without losing a single item or warping out of place.

Sounds like magic, right? Let’s explore and learn about harvesting shulker shells and crafting our own shulker boxes. 

Getting a Shulker Box

To get a shulker box, we need to get to the end, beat the dragon, and then loot an end city. It’s not simple, but it’s worth it. Especially since this is something you’ll do either way if you want to get an Elytra.

Two Shulkers Guard the Entrance to an End City
Two Shulkers Guard the Entrance to an End City


To craft a shulker box, you need two items: a chest and two shulker shells.

If you got to the end, you should know how to craft a chest, but if you don’t, here’s the recipe (you can use any type of wood):

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Crafting Recipe of a Chest
Crafting Recipe of a Chest

Shulker shells are a bit trickier to get. A shulker shell has a 50% chance of dropping from killing shulkers, which are found in end cities.

Fighting a Shulker
Fighting a Shulker

Be careful. Their ranged attack causes a levitation effect, and to top it off, the projectiles they shoot are following the player.

Pro Tip: A chorus fruit is a great food source for fighting shulkers because you can eat a chorus fruit when you are hit with the levitation effect, and it will teleport you to the ground without getting any fall damage. This is one of the few food sources you can eat even when your hunger bar is full.

Shulker Box Crafting Recipe

Crafting a shulker box isn’t complicated. Put a chest in the middle of the crafting grid of a crafting table. Place one shulker shell above it and another one below it.

Crafting Recipe of a Shulker Box
Crafting Recipe of a Shulker Box

Understanding the Mechanics Of Shulker Boxes

To use the shulker box, you must place it on the ground, just like a chest. Once it’s placed, click the right mouse button to move items from it to the inventory and the other way around.

The Inventory Interface of a Shulker Box
The Inventory Interface of a Shulker Box

Each shulker box contains 27 inventory slots. This means that each can potentially hold up to 1728 items (27 stacks).

Moreover, what makes it even better is that when broken down, it still preserves content without spilling out, so, in addition, it’s portable too!

That being said, if it’s destroyed (by falling into lava, for example), all of the items inside it (other than fire-resistant items such as netherite gear) will be destroyed, too. No backups here.

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Customize Your Shulkers Boxes With Unique Colors

Mix up your favorite dye color alongside shulker boxes to give it a unique flair. Not only would these looks be aesthetically pleasing, but also help organize those stockpiles neatly into sections.

To color a shulker box, place it in any crafting grid (the one in the inventory or in a crafting table) together with a dye.

Changing the Color of a Shulker Box on a Crafting Table
Changing the Color of a Shulker Box on a Crafting Table

Unlocking the Limitless Potential Of Minecraft Storage

Now that we’ve wrapped our heads around everything we needed to know about sulker boxes, we can start using them to their full potential.

Imagine going on an exploration trip without needing to go back to the base or throw away items just because you ran out of inventory.

Tips & Tricks To Make the Most Out Of These Miraculous Creations

There sure are various hacks and tricks which could turn any user into a pro; first off, labeling your shulker blocks with signs /item frames might help a lot, avoiding confusion later on.

Plus, don’t shy away from going balls wild involving aesthetics, as incorporating stuff creatively during building stages may result in awesome-looking secret hideouts/beautiful displays.

What matters most, however playing around, having fun, and experimenting with new ideas. 

Finishing Thoughts

Alrighty pals, mission accomplished! We finally made it exploring thrilling wonders associated with Shulker box storage solutions, thereby unlocking thousands of other options ranging from everyday activities to larger-scale projects!

Not only do shulker boxes offer a great deal of convenience, but they do offer peace of mind knowing whatever assets you’ve got will remain safe and sound.

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So what are we all waiting for? Let’s hit the ground running and get our shulkers ready cause the world of Minecraft waits for no one. 

Finally, it is concluded that Shulker boxes are magical storage solutions in the realm of Minecraft!

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