How to Get and Use the Totem of Undying

Minecraft is a vast, unpredictable world where danger lurks around every corner and adventure awaits. For many players, venturing into unknown territories and facing formidable foes is what makes the game so exhilarating.

But when survival seems impossible and all hope has been lost, there stands one item that can turn everything around: The Totem of Undying.

This guide will explain how to obtain this powerful item, its functionality and usage limitations, strategies for making use of it effectively, as well as some creative ideas on alternative uses beyond just death-cheating!

The Totem of Undying shows up on screen when it's activated
The Totem of Undying shows up on the screen when it’s activated

What Is the Totem Of Undying?

The Totem Of Undying was introduced in version 1.11. It’s an exceptionally useful item that can save your character from death during gameplay, regardless if you’re playing regular mode or Hardcore mode.

How to Get the Totem Of Undying

The Totem of Undying is an item that is only dropped by one mob, the Evoker. The Evoker spawn only in two occurrences: in Woodland Mansions and in raids.

Woodland Mansions

The obvious method of obtaining this powerful item is by finding an Evoker, the rare mob that spawns inside Woodland Mansions, tall structures filled with hostile mobs.

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When killed, they drop one Totem of Undying. They always drop one Totem, and it’s not affected by the level of looting. Totems of Undying are one-use items that are not stackable, so inventory management becomes key for players who want to make the best use of them!

A Woodland Mansion is the only place in Minecraft where you can get a totem of undying on easy difficulty
A Woodland Mansion is the only place in Minecraft where you can get a totem of undying on easy difficulty

During a Village Raid

Alternatively, village raids provide another viable option as multiple evokers spawn during such events giving you more chances to get your hands on one (or more) totems.

It is a lot easier and less dangerous than the other and a lot more effective. However, Evokers only join a raid on the fifth wave, which only happens on medium or hard difficulties.

The beginning of a raid
The beginning of a raid

Tips to Kill the Evoker in Minecraft

Master Your Movement

The Evoker is a formidable enemy that requires mastery of agile movement to defeat. Practice dodging and strafing around the Evoker to gain an edge in combat and create openings for counterattacks. 

Choose Your Weapons Wisely

Ranged weapons such as bows or crossbows can effectively keep the Evoker at bay while dealing damage without exposing yourself to their dangerous area-of-effect attacks.

If you are more of a swordsman, consider enchanting your gear with Fire Aspect, Knockback, Sharpness, Sweeping Edge, or any other enchantment that will give you an advantage over this powerful mob.

Prioritize the Threats

During a raid, there may be multiple enemies present. However, it’s important to prioritize taking down the evokers first since they can summon Vexes, which can deal significant damage if left unchecked.

Bring Allies Along For Support

Having Iron Golems or tamed wolves accompanying you during raids provides a distraction from hostile mobs allowing players more opportunities to attack when needed, so consider bringing allies along for extra support!

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Defend Yourself with a Shield

Utilizing shields can provide valuable protection against the Evoker’s spells and Vex attacks. Block timely to reduce damage taken while also creating openings for counterattacks without interruption.

Learn From Experience

Defeating an Evoker may not come easy on your first attempt, so take heed of any lessons learned in previous engagements regarding strategies employed, what worked and what didn’t, and fine-tuning approach when it comes time for another showdown!

Fighting an Evoker
Fighting an Evoker

Functionality And Usage

As mentioned above, the Totem prevents death, but it’s important to note that admin commands like `/kill` will still be effective despite the totem being active.


To properly activate it unequip all other held items on either main hand or offhand slots and place the totem there instead.

Status Effects

Upon dying, the Totem revives the player and apply three effects.

Regeneration II for 40 seconds in Java or 45 seconds on Bedrock, enough to fill more than an entire healthbar (18 hearts in Bedrock and 16 heards in Java).

40 seconds of Fire Resistance, which is more than enough to swim out of most lava pools.

And Absorbtion II, that adds 4 hearts for 5 seconds.

Limitations And Considerations

The Totem of Undying comes with restrictions, though. Each totem is a one-time use item meaning that once activated, it’s consumed in the process, so inventory management becomes crucial.

It’s also unstackable, which means they occupy single slots within your chest or inventory, thus limiting how many can be obtained on any given raid/exploration mission.

This restriction requires strategic planning from players if the best value is to be achieved by using totems judiciously during critical moments.

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Most players (especially when playing Hardcore), hold a Totem of Undying constantly in their off hand instead of a shield.

A Totem of Undying drops from killing an Evoker
A Totem of Undying drops from killing an Evoker

Strategies And Tips

Making full use of this powerful tool calls upon strategy and careful consideration. Incorporating Totems into combat situations can turn the tide of battle in the player’s favor, while keeping one handy during hazardous exploration missions will guarantee the preservation of valuable resources collected previously when death seems inevitable (or likely).

Experienced Minecrafters have devised various creative strategies, such as having magic contraptions automated to equip a chosen slot from the hotbar with the totem when health reaches critical levels. This ensures swift response and no room for human error.

It is adviced to try and get one before you fight some of the hardest bosses (not nesessesarily the Elder Guardian or the Ender Dragon, but at least before the Wither or the Warden)

Finishing Thoughts

The Totem of Undying is an invaluable companion in Minecraft’s world. Whether obtained through looting a mansion or village raids, it offers a second chance that cannot be understated for anyone, especially when playing Hardcore.

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