9 (Plus 4) Secret Mobs in Minecraft and How to Get Them

Minecraft is a world full of wonder, mystery, and adventure, but there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Lurking in its depths are nine rare and elusive creatures that you may not even know exist until now! 

From giant slimes with astonishing power to rare mobs such as brown pandas or pink sheep, uncover these unique secret monsters and get ready for an unforgettable journey into their fascinating worlds. 

Secret Mobs in Minecraft

As promised, here are nine secret mobs in Minecraft, plus another four that are not secret, but quite rare.

Giant Slime

Four Giant Slimes
Four Giant Slimes

The Giant Slime is one of the most impressive mobs that inhabit this virtual world. They can reach up to 100 times bigger than regular slimes!

Before summoning this secret Minecraft mob, however, keep in mind that they’re so powerful they’ve been known on occasion to crash computers due to their sheer size.

To summon them using commands, type:

/summon slime ~ ~ ~ {Size:100}

And good luck…

The Giant


The Giant is a zombie-like creature that towers above the regular ones.

It can only be spawned using commands, and unlike its hostile counterparts, it has a surprisingly passive behavior which makes players even more curious about this remarkable mob’s true role in Minecraft’s universe.

Additionally, unlike its miniature version, it does not burn in the sun.

To summon the Giant, type this in the chat:

/summon giant ~ ~ ~

The Illusioner

An Illusioner
An Illusioner

The Illusioner is an enigma within itself; though originally intended for Woodland Mansions, this sly Pillager-like entity can actually be summoned via commands.

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Capable of casting spells while shooting bows with lethal accuracy, make sure you have your guard up when encountering one, as their aggressive nature may catch even veteran players off guard!

What is the exact syntax for summoning them? Simply type

/summon minecraft:illusioner

into the chat box and get ready to behold their awesome powers!   

Brown Mooshroom

Brown Mooshroom
Brown Mooshroom

If you ever find yourself exploring through mushroom islands, then chances are high you’ll come across something quite unexpected, brown mooshrooms.

Transforming from red counterparts when exposed to a thunderstorm combined with a lightning strike, these rare creatures have quite the treat in store for you; if fed flowers beforehand, then they’ll produce suspicious stew with various potion effects, potentially producing infinite amounts of one of Mincreaft’s best food sources.

Not something you see every day! To summon them via commands use:

/summon mooshroom

followed by the command below, when you are close to the summoned mooshroom

/summon minecraft:lightning_bolt

Skeleton Horse

Skeleton Horse
Skeleton Horse

The Skeleton Horse is a variation of the regular Minecraft Horse. While naturally, with a 6% chance, spawned Skeleton Horses are found extremely rarely. It’s actually possible to ride or tame one of these undead equines thanks to commands and spawn eggs, respectively. 

To summon them, use the /summon command:

/summon skeleton_horse

It is time to add one of these spectral steeds into your game, so saddle up and explore Minecraft on an exciting new level! 

Killer Rabbit

The Killer Rabbit
The Killer Rabbit

Despite their innocent looks, behind them lies an aggressive creature known as The Killer Rabbit. Unfortunately, due to their hostile behavior, they were removed from survival mode rendering only the option of being summoned using commands available nowadays.

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If you ever feel like being chased by the cutest psycho mob, remember the syntax:

/summon rabbit ~ ~ ~ {RabbitType:99}

Brown Panda

Brown Panda
Brown Panda

While pandas are not that uncommon in Minecraft, it’s a whole different story for brown-coated ones.

With unique facial expressions, including one jelly-infused look and another with grizzled eyebrows, these majestic creatures leave players mesmerized when encountered within jungles, so don’t forget the exact command used to add them into your game:

/summon minecraft:panda ~ ~ ~ {MainGene:brown,HiddenGene:brown}

Pink Sheep

Pink Sheep
Pink sheep

Pink sheep have become an iconic figure due to their extreme rarity; out of 16 types, they’ve got the lowest spawn rate, with only 164 pink-colored sheep spawning from 100,000 naturally spawned woolly beings meaning a 0.164% chance you’ll actually find one of these cotton candy cuties during your adventures. 

Strider Stack

Three Striders on top of each others
Three Striders on top of each others

Last but definitely not least, we have the Strider stack; thanks to commands, players can construct an impossibly towering structure made out of these hostile mobs, which both mystifies and terrifies onlookers.

Should you wish for your very own Strider monolith, use this command:

/summon minecraft:strider ~ ~ ~ {Saddle:1,Passengers:[{id:strider,Saddle:1,Passengers:[{id:strider,Saddle:1}]}]}

Honorable Mentions

In addition to the nine rare mobs we’ve already explored, Minecraft also features some intriguing variants of existing creatures.

The Baby Zombie Villager

Baby Zombie Villager
Baby Zombie Villager

When it comes to the creepiness factor, nothing beats encountering a tiny undead creature with red eyes; the Baby Zombie Villager.

This variant combines two common mobs into one small package; however, its size doesn’t make it any less dangerous than its adult counterpart.

It appears randomly throughout various biomes but can also be summoned using commands such as

/summon zombie_villager ~ ~ ~ {IsBaby:1}

You have been warned – approach these petite monstrosities at your own risk! 

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The Wither Skeleton Jockey

Wither Skeleton Jockey
Wither Skeleton Jockey

If baby zombies weren’t creepy enough for you, then get ready because things are about to get much worse; enter the Wither Skeleton Jockey.

This rare variant is a combination of two deadly mobs: a wither skeleton and a spider, creating a nightmarish creature that can only be found lurking in Nether fortresses.

Take caution before engaging with this frightening duo, as their combined strength makes them an extremely dangerous foe!

The Charged Creeper

Charged Creeper
Charged Creeper

Creeper encounters are already nerve-wracking but have you ever heard about charged creepers?

These light blue variants emit an eerie glow all around them just moments before exploding, but don’t let their appearance fool you; these creatures boast significantly more powerful explosions than their regular counterparts!

Though they rarely appear naturally, charged creepers can be created by luring one into lightning strikes during thunderstorms, definitely not for the faint of heart! 

The Elder Guardian

Elder Guardian
Elder Guardian

Have you come across mysterious ancient guardians while exploring deep oceans?

If so, then congratulations; you may have stumbled upon elder guardians! Another rare mob, exclusive to ocean monuments.

These aged sea dwellers possess heightened strength compared to standard guardians!

Wrapping It All Up 

We’ve now come to the end of our journey, uncovering some of the secret mobs in Minecraft, yet even more, mysteries await us in its depths.

Whether it’s giant slimes or killer rabbits, each creature brings something special into play, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled at all times for exciting new things; who knows what awaits in these virtual lands? With that being said, happy exploring everyone! 

By the way, you can pretty much summon any mob you like using the /summon command or by using a command generator like this one. See you next time!

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